All your favorite games in one place!

 Whether it's classics; fighters; drivers; or gun games you desire, we have the best ones right here. We have plenty of ticket games to play for children of all ages. If it's prizes you're looking for, we have small prizes starting at 2 tickets and super prizes like a Playstation 4 for 60,000 tickets. We have games for small children, we have air hockey, pinball. Wanna play some Pool? We have two Pool tables, play a game for $1, or rent the table for an hour of unlimited games for only $5! Basically, we have something for everyone!

Business Hours

Mon - Sat
Arcade is located near the escalators across from AT&T on the first floor.
Check the Berkshire Mall's website for Holiday or special hours.

Token Special:

$20 = 120 TOKENS (40 FREE!)

$10 = 52 TOKENS (12 FREE!)

$5 = 24 TOKENS (4 FREE!)

$1 = 4 TOKENS

The more you spend, the more you get!

Most games are only 1 or 2 tokens to play!

Visit our facebook site for this location!
If you add us as a friend, you can view pictures of high scores and get updated on upcoming tournaments and events. While you're there you can chat with friends and get to know the people you see at the arcade all the time too!
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